Slice machine dashboard not appearing

I am having an issue upgrading slice-machine-ui from 0.7.1 to 1.3.0. after installing the new packages and running the start-slicemachine(0.9.1) script it first does the migration. After that is sucessfully run it starts the client on localhost:9999. However when I open http://localhost:999 it just creates a proxy from port 3000 so I see my app which also runs on port 3000. I cannot get the slice-machine dashboard to show. What am I missing here?

Hi Antonio. I ran into a similar issue with slice machine creating a proxy to :3000. The solve was to check for a node_env variable saved in the .bashrc or zshrc file. It's a known bug that interferes with some slice machine code.

Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for your response.

We encountered this issue and opened an issue to resolve it. We'll update this issue once it has been fixed.
You can follow up there: NODE_ENV env variable causes unexpected port proxy · Issue #1027 · prismicio/slice-machine · GitHub