SM broke graphQL tree

Hello, everyone :cherry_blossom:

I just broke prismic graphQL you can check

Long story short I have hardcoded slices, which is not updated frequently and ATM this was faster solution. Page looks good, everything works for me, but trying to use graphQL to build sitemap
i get this error { "message": "Schema does not pass validation. Violations:\n\nObject type 'EnterpriseBodyNav_headerDefaultSlice' must define one or more fields.\n\nObject type 'PpcBodySmall_headerDefaultSlice' must define one or more fields." }

Fast solution, I will add random fields to these slices. Long term solution SM should not let push empty slices or create UID for every slice under the hood maybe. I'm not pro here, so please correct me.

Anyway, big thanks for team for this awesome tool!

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