Staging is not updating


I have problems with the staging site, for an unknown reason any of the changes I'm doing are reflecting in the staging site. Is not a browser cache problem. What can I do?


Hey Juliana, thank you for reaching out!

I'll need a little bit more information to better understand your case:

  1. Where exactly are you not seeing these relevant changes? Is it on the live site of your project?
  2. Which technology are you using?
  3. Which changes are you making?
  1. I wasn't seeing the changes in our staging site, still haven't triggered the deploy for the live site.
  2. We are using Gatsby
  3. The changes were adding new blocks, replacing images, content,...

Now the changes showed but it wasn't working for 2 days. I just test it and it's working fine. Is it possible that Prismic cache handling had something to do about it?

Glad to see the problem disappeared :blush:

When using Gatsby, usually this happens because you need to:

  1. Delete the cache to rebuild the schema by running gatsby clean
  2. Sometimes the new fields are created but aren't added to the actual queries