Staging page is down

My staging page is down. I’m unable to test or view any edits. How can I fix this?

Hi Juliana,

Welcome to the Prismic community, I will try to help you on this.
If I understood correctly and if you are a content writer on this project and not a developer you need to ask a developer to contact us.

In any case, this issue might be from your side and due to some change in your code or in the preview configuration in your dashboard.
To check your preview config please check this article

Also, it would be helpful if you can share with us some screenshots of the problem and the errors in the browser console if possible.

Please let us know if you need further help,

Hi Fares,

thank you for getting back to me. I’m not a developer, I’m the designer.

We haven’t done any changes in the code this year or edit the configuration in the dashboard as I’m the only person updating the content in prismic. Last time I did it it was 2 weeks ago, and it was working perfectly fine.

I’m attaching 2 screenshots of Safari and Chrome errors (when accessing the domain ), and also when clicking the staging button in the CMS, I get the same error.

Any help in finding the source of this problem will be really appreciate it.

Thank you,

Could you get in touch with the developer?

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Yes, it sounds like wherever the staging site is hosted is down. I don’t think it’s a Prismic related issue.

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