My pages are not publishing onto my site

My pages are not publishing and com up 'error' when i try to publish

Hey @it1, could you show us a screenshot of the error you're seeing on the screen and the URL of your repository?


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Where I want it to publish /:

Please fix, this has not worked for the past 3 days

Hi there? Please reply and help me publish pages

The URL is not loading when I want to edit the pages and then when I try to publish, it come s up with an error

Ok, I see, Could you please indicate to me the URL of your Prismic repository (you can find your repository in the Dashboard); and also tell me which is the UID and type of the document you were trying to save?

I'll send this to the dev team, and they'll review it as soon as possible.

Which technology are you using in your project? To see the page after being able to publish the page, you might need to do a rebuild.

I am unable to edit or publish pages

I am unable to load this link/edit this page:

The document I was trying to save is a 'job listing', this is the URL:

Thank you very much for the details. I've confirmed that this is a known issue, and we're actively tracking it.

As soon as I have news from the team, I'll let you know.

Can you confirm how long this will be please?

Hello, @it1; we did a fix in your repository. Could you confirm that it's working?

yes all fixed thank you!

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