The uid field seems to auto fill based on the most recently updated text field

I'm still seeing this issue and have a client who is concerned he might miss this when creating new posts. Saving the document first or adding the "useAsTitle" key doesn't resolve it. Any update on when this might be fixed?

Hey @ry.johnson, the UID is filled automatically with the initial text it detects from a document, but you can manually change it afterwards. The useAsTitle field is a legacy option to update the document name, this is a diferent fiedl from the UID and it's only used to name the documents in the document list of your repository.

Iā€™m seeing that, but as soon as any other field is edited the UID changes.

I still see this an existing bug, does it have any ETA at all? It would be very useful to have ETA and document title controllable in that way

Hi Team

I'm happy to inform you that this is an update that will be made a part of our new page builder :slight_smile: :tada:

You can read about the page builder in the link below.

The page builder is still in ALPHA, so there are some features that are not ready (PLEASE CHECK THE LIST).

Join the waitlist to try Prismic's new Page Builder to edit your website.

Thanks :slight_smile:

As far as I can see this still an issue. It's baffling to me why this isn't fixed yet. Every single one of our clients had crazy slugs because they just forget to manually update. Awful bug.

Hi @studiotreble ,

Are any of your repos using the new page builder? It should be fixed there.

We are using the page builder, and it still seems to intermittently populate from the most recently editted text field during initial page creation.

Hey @studiotreble, sorry to see you're having issues with this. If I understand the screenshot correctly, you would like the slug of the page to come from the title but it is being overwritten by some text from the body of the page?

Hi Guy, yes that is correct.

Thanks for clarifying. The team is taking a look into and I'll post an update in here once I have a timeline on a resolution.


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