Too many unsaved changes when updating document

When updating a document, and pressing the back button without saving, the pop-up shows way more changes than what was actually changed.

On a recently saved and publish document, even just deleting a character and typing it again, shows a pop-up that gives the user the impression that almost the entire document has been updated, and obviously this leads to confusion on their part, as they don't really dare press the red "Discard my changes" as they're scared everything will be wiped.

It doesn't seem to actually discard the changes reflected in the pop-up, however.

Video showing what I'm referring to:

Hi @4lgn

Thanks for reaching out,

Can you please add some screen recordings and screenshots about the current behavior to help us to reproduce the issue?

Links to the document changes can also be helpful (you can share those in a Private message if it is necessary).

Looking forward to your reply,

Screen recording is already attached. This happens with, I presume, every document in our repositories - all of the documents and content types are made with Slicemachine.

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Any update regarding this?

I can also share a link to the document in a PM if need be, but it happens to all documents in the repository.

Hi @4lgn,

I will try to reproduce the issue. Can you please send me in a private message your repository name and a link to a sample document with the issue.

Hi @4lgn
Have you been able to fix this issue, I haven't got an private message with your repo name to troubleshoot.