Error while saving + multiple saves ignored

Hello, I saved this document multiple times, I generated previews as I continued in building my pages. Now that I almost finished, I don't find anything that I saved in this image, neither on the page or on the history :oénovation&w=lyon%203&b=working&c=unclassified&l=en-us/Y1EOlxIAACIA6t-N/?section=Contenu

I don't want to restart it from the beginning :cry: During the last saving, I had an "error while saving" message but I should at least have access to the previous version before saving

Thank you so much for your help

Hello @y.jimi, thanks for reacing out.
What changes did you make to the document?
Sometimes if there are connection issues, the "error while saving" warning will persist, then it's impossible to retrieve past changes.