Transfer Prismic Ownership to non-Owner

I would like to transfer ownership of a Prismic Repository to an Administrator. The current Owner is no longer with the company. How would I go about transferring Ownership? As an Administrator I am met with an error telling me I do not have permissions to transfer Ownership.
Thank you.


We'll need two active admin users from the repository to send a formal request for another user to take ownership of your repository, we will ask you for the following information:

  • The repository ID
  • The email of the. user that shall be promoted, owner
  • An email confirmation from another administrator that the ownership shall be transferred - to send to

For privacy reasons, we will remove the configured credit card. Therefore the new owner will need to update credit card information and let us know when done. Let me know if the procedure above is feasible from your side, and we can then proceed.

Thank you. I've had three Administrators each send emails to to transfer ownership with those details. How long should I expect this to take? Thanks again.

It takes a couple of days usually.