User unable to access Environment

Hello, I need help with a user unable to access an environment....

We have 3 environments (Prod, Staging, and Develop) and I have a user who I've added to all three environments. However, this user is only able to access the Prod and Develop environments. I tried revoking the invite and reinventing them in Staging, and they get an email and can accept the invitation. but are still locked out.

After accepting the invite, it still shows the invite as pending on the Prismic end...

Can you fix this please?

Hello @tannerjuby1, usually this happens when the user you want to send the invite to didn’t use the same email o sign up as the one used in the invite. But if they can see it once, there must be a problem on the dashboard.

Could you provide a screen recording showing when the invitation is accepted? That way, we can understand what happens right afterward.