Writting Room user experience: poor performance

I got a complaint from a writer (see quote). Wondering if you have received similar complaints. I have experienced similar issues in the past. We are using the latest version of Chrome and Firefox.

I have been working on the glossary and Prismic doesn't seem to like it. Mainly, it slows down more and more with each entry I add, to the point I have to restart everything to get it up to speed again. Can you look into that?

Thanks for your help!

Hey Karl, welcome to the Community!

This is the first time that I see a case similar to yours. So, when you start adding more 'entries' into the fields the repository starts to behave slowly, is that it?
What exactly is the glossary that you're working with, is it a Group field or a Slice?

Usually when a repository is slow its related to the internet connection.

The glossary is our document type in our Writing Room.

Our writer sees the performance decreasing and decreasing as he is using the writting room.

Update: This is a known issue specific to repositories that have too many tags. We're keeping track of this issue and will tackle it in the next document list revamp of the writing room. But there's no ETA for now.

We hope that this isn’t too much of an inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding

Thanks for the update Pauline! I will forward that information to the writer.

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