Editing bug - legacy editor & page builder mismatch

As you can see in the recording, in the new page builder there is some content, when switching to the legacy editor, the content is different, the text before the link is duplicated as bold. If i remove the bold text (in legacy), the whole text before the link becomes the link, changing the link adds back the bold etc etc.

I tried creating a new slice completely, adding everything manually, and the issues stated appearing when i added all the text as italic (legacy).

This was eventually solved by re-doing it manually in the page builder instead.

So no support needed, but wanted to bring attention to this bug

Hi @erik.albinsson, thanks for flagging the issue. I have a couple of quick follow-up questions:

  1. Was the page originally created in the Page Builder or the Legacy Editor?
  2. Was the version in the Page Builder the correct one and was it appearing correctly on your website?


  1. The slice was originally created in the Page Builder. Cant find out right now in what editor the page was originally created in, but its a recent page, and I would guess it was also created in Page Builder
  2. So the page builder would represent what i wrote in, but the legacy editor is where you could see the extra added content, and ultimately what was shown on the site

Thanks, @erik.albinsson . I think we should have a fix for this soon. I'll update this thread when it is done.