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Saving is failing intermittently in a Prismic doc that I’m working on. See error message below:

I’m trying to copy text out of a Google Doc and paste it into the Prismic doc, and sometimes it succeeds in saving and sometimes it fails.

Hey Jan, welcome to the forum!

We hadn’t had any reports of Prismic showing errors: Status Page.

Maybe is related to the content that you’re pasting in the field, could you show me the content that you’re pasting in the fields?

Here’s the text I’m pasting into the field:

When I paste that into the doc, I get the error above and I’m unable to save. When I delete it, saving works again.

May be worth mentioning that I’m trying to paste that into a very long doc. Here is the word and character count:

Thanks for the file. I’m trying to reproduce the error but everything works correctly. I’ve added it to a Rich text field, a Title, and a Key text field.

I’ll need more information about your repository, what’s the URL of the repo, which field are you using?

Also, could you open the devtools and see if any errors get shown along with this message?

Hey Jan, so I’'ve tested with the instructions su sent me. In total I was trying to add more than 80k words to the doc and I was able the reproduce the error. This is an expected behaviour of the writing room, when a document is way to large or contains too. many items it starts to break.

It’s similar to what happens if you add to many elements in a group field. Look at this thread

So the workaround for this is the same as the linked thread above: You need to separate this file into smaller documents so that it becomes more manageable.

I hope this helps you, and if you need anything let us know

Hi Paulina,

Thanks for the response, yep, splitting up the doc into multiple fields is what we ended up doing, so glad to hear that is answer you were going to give as well. thank you!

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