[Gatsby Cloud] Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established

For the past 1 or 2 months, we've been experiencing a random error when building our website on Gatsby Cloud.

We haven't made any changes to the project for over a year, as we no longer have the capacity to do so. The website is only updated by Prismic.

We use Gatsby 4.17.2 and gatsby-source-prismic 5.2.7-alpha.0 and we can't update to the latest versions...

Do you know how to get it working again?

Hi @alexandre.fauchard, I'm not sure what could be causing this, so I've asked some of the team who know gatsby a bit better if they have any ideas. I'll let you know what I hear back.

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Hi @alexandre.fauchard,

Although it's probably not the answer you are looking for, the most straightforward way to fix this type of network issue is to update your software:

  • Use the latest version of Node.js available
  • Update to the latest v5 version of gatsby-source-prismic (v5.3.1), which you should be able to do with no changes to your code
  • Same for Gatsby: update to the latest version of Gatsby 4 (4.25.7)

It's possible this bug is fixed in the newer versions.