How to utilise the 'Private Notes' section of the Media Library?


In the process of improving our Media Library search ability, I'd like to start using the Private Notes section. However, I can't seem to find in depth information on how to best use it?

I understand that it can be used almost as if you're 'tagging' the image. But is it a case of listing keywords with commas? Is it case sensitive?

Will the search then return results if the search term is contained in the Private Notes textbox?

Any more tips, tricks, advice on this would be greatly appreciated to help better organise our assets .



Welcome to the Prismic community and thanks for reading out to us.

You can add notes/keywords/tags to an image's Private Notes section then you can search that image with that notes/keywords/tags. It's not case-sensitive.

Learn more about add Metadata to an Image in the Manage Image article.

Let me know if you have any further questions.