Importing a file that is greater than the allowed size

hi team, i am importing a file, which is 302 KB.
The zip file is 59 KB.
The import is failing with this message: Error: The following document(s) {translate_XfoqdxEAACQAm2NN_es-es.json} exceed(s) the authorized max size (250000 Bytes)

What is the solution for me?


Hi @savio,

Thanks for reaching out.

I have forwarded this to our DevOps team and I will get back to you once I get updates.

hey Fares, thanks.
No one has reached out to me.
what do i do next?

I have followed up again with our DevOps team and I will let you know once I get a response.

hey Fares any updates?

I have followed up again to find out if there is a way around this limitation.

May I know why this document is so big? may I know the use-case to check if there is a better way to implement this?

hey Fares, this is the content for our FAQ page.
Perhaps there are too many questions that has lead to the file size?

So I have checked with my team, and unfortunately, there doesn't seem that is a good solution to this. In fact, it is pretty rare for users to reach to this limit.

One workaround can be to cut things out of the import file until it works, then enter the rest manually in the UI.

Hey Fares, i worked a work-around.

I minified the JSON files.

Might be good to include this input on the Prismic help docs to benefit other clients.


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Thanks, @savio, for sharing this workaround, I see will see with my team how we can mention this workaround as well as the file limitation.