Unable to Perform an Import/Export with Source Repo of Greater than 200 Documents

I have a Prisimc Repo with over 200 documents. I would like to perform an import/export of the Repo snapshot.

Since I am unable to select specific documents to export, the snapshot contains all of them. Since the result archive has greater than 200, I am unable to import to my target repo. It seems like if I tamper with the contents of the Archive (i.e delete X number of .json files to get the number within the accepted 200 range), the Import Tool fails some verification as the Archive being imported doesn't match the one being Exported.

We are paying for a Medium size plan to get this feature, yet your limits are preventing us from using it. Please advise on how I can make this work.

Hi @nlentz

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Have you tried to split the files into multiple imports, that should work but will create multiple releases.

@Fares I've tried this.

If I modify the contents of the original archive by removing any documents, the Import tool gives me this error regardless of if there is 1 document in the .zip or 200 documents in the .zip:

"We couldn't find any document in the archive. Was it a valid import file?"

As far as I can tell, I can only run a successful Import if the Archive is exactly as it was when it was exported.

@Prismic-Support-Team looks like Fares is on Holiday, can someone else advise?

Thanks can you try importing a zip of the files rather than the folder?

OH HOOO, that seems to do the trick! :tada:

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Great to hear. :slight_smile:

P.S. I edited the thread to clean it up a bit.

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