JSON size limit when importing documents

We just ran into a huge problem. We're experimenting with the export/import feature and apparently there's a json size limit of 250000 bytes, which is way less than what we would need. Is there a way to configure this somewhere or have this limit raised?

Hi @shox.cms.content,

I have forwarded your request to our DevOps team and will let you know in case of any updates,


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Hi @shox.cms.content,

Sorry for the long delay; I've got an update from our DevOps, and unfortunately, for now, we are keeping this limit and not changing it.

This looks like a deal-breaker for us currently.

Hi, have you tied to split your import into smaller partitions? I know that will not be an optimal solution as it will create multiple releases!

Hello @Fares
I'm updating this thread because I'm encountering the same issue.
I've downloaded all my project's documents to update the a specific string inside of each. (I've made a script for this because there are about 1700 files to be updated)
I've tried to import them back in batch (using several archives each one containing 200 documents) and I've noticed the same error as the thread's author.
One of a file I try to import is about 630 000 bytes and I've checked, it has been exported with this amount of bytes (approximately)
It means that I can export documents to update them but I can't import them back
Is there anything I can do to bypass this limit for the document I'd like to update ?

Hi @kamil.hammouche,

There is currently no solution for this, but one way that might help is to try to minify the document JSON file imported.

I will also create a feature request/enhancement to make the import JSON file limit consistent with the exported file.