Intercom Messenger not working

In Prismic Web console, I'm getting continously network errors on an API call to Intercom with the error:

Intercom Messenger error: Missing user_hash. A valid user_hash is required to authenticate users when Identity Verification is enabled. For more details, see […ying-secure/enable-identity-verification-on-your-web-product](

Hello @peter2, thanks for reaching out.

  • Could you tell us what causes this error? Does it prevent you from sending direct messages to us?
  • What browser do you use?

I was expecting you to tell me what the cause is as it's in your code. The Intercom messenger doesn't appear at all - so, yes, I can't send you any messages.

It's specific to my Prismic UI and it happens in Chrome and Firefox (latest versions)
Clearing Cookies and Local Storage doesn't make a difference.

We've sent you a message on Intercom, you should be able to see it if you go to the Prismic website.
Let me know if you received it. Or you can check your email as well.

No, haven't received any message on the website. The plugin literally doesn't start at all due to the missing user_hash.

I'm not why this is happening. Have you tried logging in and out? which version of chrome are you using?

Don't forget - it happens in both, Chrome and Firefox. Logging out and back in doesn't have any affect. I'm on 101.0.4951.41 (Official Build) (64-bit) of Chrome.

Can you check in your browser, what you send to intercom in the ping api call. Here is the Payload in my case:

and the response:

I suspect you have a user_hash field or perhaps the user_active_company_it is filled in. Most likely those values are coming from an earlier response from your server.

I received a notification on Intercom indicating that you were able to open my message.
Are you seeing anything different?
Can you show us a screenshot of the screen?

No, I didn't get any notification and I didn't see your message. However, your team seem to have found the issue as in the meantime it started to work again.

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