Prismic Developer Spotlight: Marco Heine

Today’s Prismic Developer Spotlight:

Marco Heine, Freelance Web Developer in Stuttgart, Germany

:globe_with_meridians: When asked about a recent project for Dieda:

“It's mid-sized company from southern Germany who produce railings and other furnishing components. They were in need of a fast website with a lot of static content but also filter and sortable pages to showcase their individual products. It's the first time I've used Prismic for a website with such a big scope. Before we touched any code, we invested a lot of time in getting the data structure for the information architecture right. This resulted in two big notion tables for custom types and slices with their fields. We have got around 20 Slices now and about 200 pages. It took us around 3 months from the UX-design to the finished website. The reason I chose to mention this project here is that we were in need of connecting a lot of data and pages together. So, setting up content relationships and using graphQuery a lot is what assured us that Prismic is a great choice even for websites that have a ton of content.”

:robot: On working with Prismic Custom Types and reusable Slices:

“The usage of custom types and reusable slices. It's a great mental model to build websites. Also the possibility to connect data and query relationships.”

:writing_hand: His advice for other Freelancers:

“There are still so many un-accessible and bad websites out there, so there are still a lot of people in need of support. Networking is key to me, talking to former colleagues, friends and family always brings up new ideas and projects. Something I had to learn was, being a bit bolder than you usually are helps. And most importantly: being kind and having good intentions, like wanting to help people is awesome.”

:envelope_with_arrow: Want to chat with Marco? You can find him here: or follow him on twitter here:


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