Thoughts on Prismic new feature politic : frontend or backend?

I love Prismic, and I use the service everytime I can. Their team is impressive and very trustable in making the right technical choices.

The question I am asking myself since the availability of Slice-machine is : This is great but is it what I am looking for when using Prismic ?

For me, it is a content creation & management service, not a frontend library provider. It should provide the best when it comes to content creation, not content representation.

Of course, the two are linked, and maybe the difficulty in using Prismic API on the frontend has been a hurdle for newcomers, but IMHO Prismic should prioritize content creation features.

On that side, some features are lacking, with for example :

  • Untranslatable property : a field that would stay the same thru languages version
  • Searchable content : I think there are various external solutions we could use to make Prismic content searchable (inject in ElasticSearch or Algolia with webhook or homemade fetch), but it's not a trivial task.
  • Auto content reindexation when the model is changing
  • Improvement on the dashboard to search and organize when you have a lot of content (very difficult to browse our image library leading to a lot of duplicates)

The website is stating that funding will go in "content creation with slice." I hope there will be some money left to improve what I am really searching when using Prismic.

Cheers !

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Hi Team,

Good to see you again!

I really agree with all the points you've brought up and each of these features are already being followed in our feature tracker. Except for maybe 'Auto content reindexation when the model is changing', can you maybe explain that one in more detail for me?

I think the issue here is maybe our communication. While we have been communicating about the things we're working on that really differentiate us, we're not great at communicating on our plans for more run of the mill (yet just as important) improvements like those you have listed.

Features like these are definitely part of our plans and improved search is one at the top of our lists. We are working now on optimising our team structures so that we can deliver more content creation features like this as fast and efficiently as possible. As well as delivering API performance, usability and implementation improvements.

I think we'll get better at being more vocal about all the small improvements that we're constantly working on, but in the meantime, if you're curious about what we're currently doing you can check out our progress page which we update regularly.

Happy to discuss any of this with you further.


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This is being tracked as an open feature request

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